Amazing Top 7 power full bicep workouts for Strong Muscles

 Top 7 power full Bicep Workouts for Strong Muscles

Bicep workouts for men and women

All of the following exercises can be taken advantage of by both men and women to see maximum gains. You can incorporate all of the following workouts into your gym session. It’s a myth that men and women need to perform different workouts for bicep gains. All of the exercises below can be performed by both men and women for huge gains.

Bicep Workouts at the gym

The following workouts can be added to your workouts to take your biceps to the next level. You can incorporate them to your bicep workout at the gym regardless of if you’re a man or a woman.
All of these exercises are bicep workouts with dumbbells. Let’s take a look at them.

1.Hammer curl 

The hammer curl is a very efficient exercise to tone the brachialis, brachioradialis, and biceps muscles which results in a complete upper arm workout
 Start by standing straight and holding a dumbbell in each hand. Make sure your palms face your body. In addition to this, your arms should be extended and parallel to your torso while you’re standing.
Keep your upper arm stationary and then move the dumbbell upwards by contracting the biceps and bending the elbows. Move until the head of the dumbbell is in line with your shoulder.
For maximum gains, hold this contraction for a moment and then return to the starting position in a smooth motion.
You can do 2-3 sets of 8-12 reps.

2. Concentration curl

The concentration curl is a fantastic exercise to add to your workout session. This exercise is an isolation movement that works the bicep muscle completely.

Begin this exercise by sitting on a bench while positioning your legs in a wide stance. Place the elbow inside of your thighs, and pick up a dumbbell with underhand grip.
Curl the dumbbell by contracting your biceps until they’re in level with your shoulder. Remember to only move your forearm and not the upper arm.
Hold for a moment and then return to your starting position. Remember to not allow momentum to control the weight while you’re lowering it. Lower the weight in a controlled motion.
You can do 2-3 sets of 8-12 reps. Remember to follow the same rules to train your other arm. For maximum gains, make sure to keep the elbows tucked in against your thighs  during the entire movement.

3. Zottman Curl

The zottman curl is a fantastic exercise which targets your forearms as well as your biceps.
Begin by standing straight. Next, take a dumbbell in each hand and hold them so that your palms face away from your body. Your elbows must be close to your body for the entirety of this exercise.
Lift the weights while keeping your upper arms in place until the dumbbells reach the line of your shoulders. Make sure your palms face upwards at the end of this movement.
Hold the contraction and rotate your wrists so that your palms face downwards.
Pause for a moment and then return to your starting position.
It’s important that you follow this exercise with the correct form and perform it in a smooth motion as you can seriously injure yourself if you perform this exercise incorrectly. You can do 2-3 sets of 8-12 reps.

How much should you lift?

The weight you should lift depends on how many repetitions you can make with the weight you’re using. You want to do just enough reps to not risk injury. You also want to make sure that the amount of repetitions you do doesn’t make the exercise a test of endurance. This is why a repetition range of 8 to 12 repetitions is excellent. In order to find out the weight of the object that you should use, do a single set of 12 repetitions.
Is the weight too light? This means that you won’t get much benefits from using the weight.
Is the weight too heavy? If you’re struggling to make even 6-8 repetitions, the weight is too heavy. You should switch to a lighter weight.
If the first 6-8 repetitions aren’t too challenging but you find subsequent repetitions getting harder, you’ve found the perfect weight.

Bicep workouts at home

If you don’t have a fancy gym membership, don’t worry. You can get a killer bicep workout at home with similar results than if you had gone to the gym. If you don’t have the money to buy dumbbells, you can make your own. You can use makeshift weights such as canned goods from your pantry, heavy books, plastic water bottles, bags of rice or socks filled with pea gravel. The best part about these weights is that you can modify them to increase the weight as and when you need to. The following exercises can be performed by both men and women.

4. Bicep curls with your legs

All that this exercise needs, is a chair.

Sit down and use your right hand to reach under your left thigh. Hold the leg under the knee joint with your palm facing up.

Pull the leg up as much as you can. You can make this exercise very effective by ignoring  the leg muscles. Do not let your leg muscles help you with the lift.

This exercise will become easier with time. You can maintain resistance by forcing your leg muscles to push against the hand while trying to lift your leg up.

Do 2- 3 sets of 8 to 12 repetitions on each side.
This exercise is simple and effective. The best part about it is that it can be done everywhere. If you lead a busy life and find yourself travelling a lot, this exercise is perfect for you

5.Towel Bicep Curls

Take a towel and slip it through the top of a backpack. Grip the towel with each arm and slowly curl your backpack up. 

Curl your arms as you move up through the movement.

Rotate your arms so that your arms are facing your shoulders at the top position.

You can stuff your bag with things to increase resistance as this exercise becomes easier for you.


This is as basic as it gets. You've probably heard serious lifters carrying on about oblivious meatheads taking up space in squat racks to do bicep curls, so be mindful when and where you load up a barbell — but that shouldn't be an excuse to skip out on the move entirely. Barbells allow you to work both arms simultaneously and evenly, and the position of your grip can allow you to home in on different parts of the muscle.
How to do it: Grab the barbell with an underhand grip, with your your hands positioned about as wide as your hips. To emphasize the inner portion of the bicep, take a wider grip; to target the outer part of the muscle, bring your hands closer together. Start holding the bar at hip height, then squeeze your core and contract your biceps to curl the bar up to shoulder height. Squeeze your biceps at the top of the movement, then slowly lower the weight back to the starting position, controlling the weight through the eccentric movement. Make sure to keep your feet solidly planted throughout the exercise, and don't use your hips to lift the weight.


The concentration curl is a biceps isolating standard that you've undoubtedly seen performed in just about any gym. You can rip through reps for volume, or take a cue from the name and focus on the eccentric portion of the move for even better results.

How to do it: You'll need a dumbbell and a bench to start. Sit on the bench, spreading your legs. Rest your arm holding the dumbbell on the same side leg, just below the knee, so that the weight hangs down between your legs. Keep your torso upright by stabilizing your off-hand on your thigh. Curl the weight up, focusing on squeezing the bicep, pause at the top, then lower back into the original position.

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